Founded by artist Karen Combs, Nama Rococo makes luxurious hand painted and hand printed large format wallpapers sold by the individual sheet. All Nama Rococo papers are based on Karen’s artwork and designs. Think of it as wallpaper-as-fine art!

Karen is big fan of the Old World and its sensuousness. Influenced by the crafts guilds and workshops of 18th century Europe and Japan (as well as art throughout history) her tastes run from Qing Dynasty landscape paintings to pop art graphics to Art Nouveau metro stations in Paris. And Funkadelic album covers of course.

These designs take flowing, lively shapes and knock them curiously off kilter. Craftsmanship plays a big role as does resonating coloration. It is another form of romance, a love affair. Superior quality is a must. Nama Rococo is made with archival French paper and hand-mixed artist’s pigments and mediums. Sometimes it works as just a single sheet framed on a wall, other times covering a whole room. It’s almost unfair to call it “wallpaper”. The term doesn’t really express the exuberant display of imagination or the unique materials and special format that comprise Nama Rococo papers.