sheet size
A single sheet of Nama Rococo wallpaper is generally 25 inches (635 mm) in width and 38 inches (965mm) or 39 inches (990mm) in height. As a rough guideline to measure for an installation, each sheet is slightly larger than 6 square feet. Individual shop pages list exact sheet sizes for each of our papers.

One sheet = one repeat for all Nama Rococo patterns.

Our standard-use paper is acid free and archival. It has a lovely weight and feel, paperhangers love it! Please see individual shop pages for any specific materials or details

paints & inks
We use the absolute highest grade of waterproof artist’s paint, ink, and mediums available to us. We mix all of our own paint and ink colors. All of our inks and paints (except for a few of the fluorescents) are lightfast, waterproof and 100% gorgeous.

texture & feel
The Nama Rococo look, and the texture of our wallpapers is a fairly matte ink and paint finish. The paper itself has a beautiful and subtle old-world surface texture.

production methods
We use a combination of hand-painting (we hand paint the background color onto every single sheet), screen-printing, and other fine printing and old-world paper-decoration/craft methods. Techniques vary from pattern to patter.n FRENCH DOT is made by hand-painting imagery (which is different on every sheet) and then this is overprinted with the black print repeat with bird, flower, etc.  the same on every sheet).



do you accept trade or design orders?
YES! The majority of our sales are in fact made to design professionals throughout the world. Please email us to inquire about our TRADE price list and special options available for designers.




can i order a single sheet of paper?
YES! Our single sheets are beautiful statements and suitable for framing!


do you offer paper in rolls?
We do not make any roll wallpaper, our papers are made completely by hand and sold as single sheets. For full wall or room installation, simply order a quantity of single sheets (five sheets of Nama Rococo wallpaper is similar in square footage to a standard roll of wallpaper in the USA) and apply our multi-sheet discount at checkout for a reduced price on multiple sheet orders. Prices, discount information, and layout and installation guides can be found in SHOP pages.

how do i determine the quantity of sheets needed for my project?
We are happy to help you determine how many sheets of paper you will need for your project. We can verify if the quantity of paper you plan on ordering will be sufficient for your project if you provide us with the measurements of your walls: send us an email with the measurements of your walls (please make sure to specify height and width) and we’ll get back to you right away. Here is a rough guide for calculating the quantity of sheets needed for a project:


    Divide the height of your wall by 38 (i.e. the height in inches of a single sheet of Nama Rococo wallpaper—the height of our sheets vary between 38 and 39 inches, each pattern’s page lists the exact measurements in height and width)


    Divide the width of your wall by 25 inches (25 is the width in inches of a standard sheet of Nama Rococo wallpaper, except for Sixty-Eight which is 24.25 inches in width)

    Multiply A x B to to determine the total number of sheets you will need

❋ Generally in calculating wallpaper quantities, doors and windows are disregarded unless they are quite large. 

❋ You will likely end up with a few extra inches of paper in each direction. If you’re installing on a larger wall and measurements are quite close, you may want to add a sheet or two to your order just to make sure you have some wiggle room. If you’ve got a lot of extra paper, and windows or doors that take up significant wall space, you may be able to order a few sheets less.

❋ We are now offering quantity discounts for orders 6 sheets or more, please see individual item pages for pricing.




how do i install nama rococo wallpaper?
We provide Installation Guides with detailed installation and layout instructions for all of our papers. Installation Guides can be viewed and downloaded from each of our wallpaper pattern pages

can you recommend a professional installer?
To find an installer in your area, we recommend the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers (NGPP) — they are a fantastic organization! Visit their website for more information.




are your papers fragile?
As with any fine work, handle our wallpaper with some care. However, Nama Rococo wallpapers are in fact not particularly fragile as wallpapers go. The paper itself is extremely well-made and quite strong. The inks we use are waterproof and lightfast (with the exception of fluorescents, which are not long-term light-stable under any circumstance and should not be used in a long-term direct sun situation). 


is it possible to clean nama rococo wallpapers once installed?
We don’t recommend our papers for very heavy traffic areas, however under ordinary circumstances Nama Rococo wallpapers may be cleaned by gently dabbing the paper with a damp cloth.

are your papers waterproof?
For all our standard papers: YES! We use completely waterproof, water-based ink, paints and mediums. For slightly damp rooms (powder rooms for example) we recommend using a liner paper base to balance out the moisture in the paper. Installers will be familiar with these materials and process.




where can i purchase nama rococo?
All of our papers can be viewed and purchased on our website. Discounts now apply for multiple sheet orders!


what forms of payment do you accept?
We accept payment made via Paypal and by credit card. Our website’s shopping cart system is set up through Paypal but you do not need a Paypal account to pay by credit card, and you may select your preferred method of payment before you check out.




how is the paper packed?
Nama Rococo papers are shipped rolled in sturdy tubes. 


what shipping methods are offered?
We generally use FedEx Express Saver for shipping domestic orders. Occasionally we will use USPS Priority Mail if that is more suitable to the circumstance. Please let us know if you have a specific need for alternative shipping methods.

do you accept international orders?
YES! We ship all over the world. Please email us for details on shipping to your location, as customs and shipping charges vary from country to country. We generally use FedEX International Priority to ship international orders. Please contact us if you would like to place an order to be shipped abroad.




do you accept returns?
Returns may be made on retail orders for Nama Rococo credit only. Papers must be returned immediately in perfect condition and in original packaging. Please contact us if you have a concern about your order or need more details.


do you accept returns on print-to-order and custom orders?
We print-to-order for larger quantities and these are not returnable. We do, however, really want you to be happy with your wallpaper, so please get in touch if you have any questions or problems regarding an order.